November wine tour Kakheti

10 Nov 2022 - 14 Nov 2022
“Travelling in the region of Kakheti – Georgia’s wine heart gives a fine blend of visual pleasure of just awakening nature, the taste of...
USD 1,068

May Wine holiday Tour

02 May 2022 - 06 May 2022
“May in Kakheti is special with its intense green colors of forests and vineyards. And we using the moment of peculiarity of this season,...

Rare Georgian Wines Tour

18 Apr 2022 - 21 Apr 2022
“April in Georgia is warm enough and new wines can be tasted already. The tour will let you enjoy premium and rare Easter Georgian wines. Kartli...
USD 1337

Winter wine tour in Georgia

21 Jan 2022 - 25 Jan 2022
“Wines in Georgia can be tasted in winter too. The tour will let you to compare Easter and Western Georgian wines. Imereti wines that are less...
USD 1,025

Introducing Qvevri Wines

15 Oct 2022 - 18 Oct 2022
“Georgian Wines produced in special clay vessels are called qvevri wines. This traditional way of fermenting and storing wines in such vessels...
USD 1,028

Racha my love – Harvest

07 Nov 2019 - 10 Nov 2019
“Grapes in Racha are picked much later comparing with the other vinegrowing region of Georgia . In November famous village of Khvanchkara will be...
USD 975

Golden October Wine Tour

24 Oct 2022 - 27 Oct 2022
“Travel in mid-autumn in Georgia in Eastern Georgian regions of Kakheti and Kartlicoupled with the visit in Georgian capital city Tbilisi will...
USD 1,098

Queen’s Harvest Kakheti

24 Sep 2019 - 28 Sep 2019
“End of August in Georgia’s wine heart – Kakheti is already time for grape harvests – vineyards become the places for celebration as...

Early Harvest Wine Tour

21 Aug 2022 - 24 Aug 2022
“End of August is wonderful in Kakheti – Georgia’s wine heart gives a fine blend of visual pleasure of blooming vineyards and unique mountain...
USD 1,068

August Wine Fairytales

25 Aug 2022 - 29 Aug 2022
“Georgia’s wine heart is waiting for us with its fine blend of visual pleasure of mountain nature, taste of local wines paired with traditional...
USD 1,169